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Coronavirus Vaccine-Latest Updates

            Coronavirus Vaccine-Latest Update

 The Covid-19's Vaccine trial is  going on in the country but following the lockdown is the only type of vaccine. During this time, avoid leaving the house and also wash your hands with soap and water. This is to say of Dr. MK Sen, Senior Doctor of Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi. MK Sen gave answers to several questions related to Corona to AIR. Know the solution of doubts related to corona ...

# 1) Is the drug trial going on in India?
A drug is currently being used as a treatment in PGI Chandigarh and AIIMS Bhopal-Delhi in India. Its name is Micro Bactrium w. It has already been used for some diseases in our country. It is now being used to treat serious patients with corona. Its trial has been successful in some people.

# 2) Can people who are cured of corona get infection again?
Corona is the new virus, after recovering from it, a person can fall ill again or not. Nothing can be said with certainty about this. It is true that the immunity of the cured patient becomes strong, but how strong it will be depends on the individual. So take care even after recovering.

# 3) How are those who are not going out anywhere getting infection?
The coronavirus usually enters the body through contact with an infected person or by breathing. So far as many asymptomatic patients (who do not show symptoms) came in, most of the people were inadvertently in contact, crowded or going to the market to get some goods. But if you are not going out of the house, then there may be an infection in the transaction of some goods. So take care when buying anything or going out.

# 4) If the number of patients is increasing then why is the exemption being given?
Before the lockdown was imposed, the prediction of the virus situation in India has greatly benefited from the lockdown. The spread of infection in our country has reduced because the number of infections has increased according to the population of India. Now that we have benefited from the lockdown, many districts where there is not a single patient of the virus are exempted with certain conditions so that life can also become normal gradually. However, all the guidelines will remain in force now.

# 5) The third lockdown has started, what precautions to take in it?
In this some areas are exempted. This is the test hour. In which discipline, restraint and security have to be taken care of. So remember to do social distancing, use of masks, hand wash. Exemptions are given according to different zones. If you are going out of office or somewhere, if you touch the table, chair, door latch, then wash or sanitize hands immediately. In the meantime, if you see a slight cold or cold, then stay at home.

# 6) What to do if there is no smartphone for Arogya Setu App?
If no one has a smartphone, for them the government is trying to use this app in a feature phone. However, the government is also informing about the guidelines by calling. If anyone in your house has a smartphone then definitely download the Arogya Setu app. It is helpful in avoiding virus infection. With this, all the information related to the virus is also available.

# 7) How much success have we had in the battle of Kovid-19?
All the steps taken so far have clearly benefited from them. Our figures are much lower than in Western countries. There are significantly fewer cases than was anticipated. This is due to the first two lockdowns. Lockdown 3.0 also requires more restraint.

# 8) How long to follow the lockdown?
Lockdown has to be taken as a medicine, any effective drug is sometimes bitter. Therefore, treating lockdown as a vaccine is a better treatment. Follow whatever guidelines are given.

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