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What Is Google Adsense,How Its Work/Best Ad Network Of Ever

What is google adsense-

First of all I want to tell you that Google adsense is best ad network I had ever seen in my life this is profitable and  trustable this is secure 100%.
Google Adsense is an Best Ad Network whose parent company is "Google". It helps us earn money from our blog. Its  job is to show Ad on Blogs / websites with high quality content and high traffic and deduct its share from the profits from it and provide it to the blog / website admin whose revenue has been received from the ad on the blog / website. It pays Blogger  by see CPC (Cost-Per-Click) and CPI (Cost-Per-Impression). Posts of google Ad on a blog keeping in mind the Content, User Location and many other factors. These ads are in the various  form like Text, Image, Video or Interactive Media Contents.
Google adsense is a advertisement program created by google itself. google shows its adsense ads on the same website and blog where people visit online. So that he can promote his advertiser's product.

For these google that takes money from its advertiser. He keeps only 32 Precent of that amount with him. And 64 Precent gives the publisher i.e. website on which google adsense ads are shown. Which earns him online.

If you want to earn online from Google adsense, first you have to connect your blog and website with adsense. And this is only when people visit your blog. After that when your visiter clicks on those ads, you earn.

You must have seen automatic text, image, video and interactive media advertisements ads on your website often. You can select the ads type you want to display on your website. Which you get more and more clicks from the visiting visitor to your website. It will earn you more.

How does google adsense work-

As you know how much the value of digital marketing has increased in today's time. And Google is the largest advertisement network of digital markting. So any compnay gives money to google to reach and promote its product to the people. So that he can promote it online.

Now Google adsense keeps him look the same online who has integrated his blog and website with google adsense. When the visiter see those ads and clicks on them, google commission them. Which is 64 Precent of the entire amount of that advertiser.

So this is how blogger online earn money from google adsense. And the money is also earned from the ads coming in the middle of youtube. So this is the easiest way to earn money online

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