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What are Benifits Of Google Adsense,How Much You Can Earn With Google Adsense/Best Ad Network

What are the benefits of Google Adsense-

The biggest benefit of Google Adsense is that you can make money from your blog using it very easily. When a Visitor clicks on the ads placed on  blog by you, you get paid. Getting Google Adsense Approval for the first time is a not very difficult task but you should give your best, but once you approve, if you follow its rules then you will not have any problem. It is a benefit to have a Contextual Ad Network. Contextual Ad Network means that it only applies ads related to your blog's Niche / Field on your blog on your post or gage. For example, on a blog related to Car and any vehicle Reviews, Google Adsense will only apply ads related to cars like Car Loan Ad, Car’s Ad and vehicles ad, Tire’s Ad etc. This increases the chances of these ads being clicked by the viewers, and increasing your clicks increases your income given by adsense. It also uses another method to show ads, which is called the Cookie and baking Method. In Cookie Method, it shows ads based on the search history of Visitor. This method also greatly increases the chances of clicking.

Apart from this, the biggest advantage of Google Adsense is that it pays you Direct in your bank account or in cheque.

How Much Money You Can Earn With Google Adsense-

No one can properly give answer of the question that  how much money can be made with Google Adsense. Your earning depends on CPC (CPC) and CPC is never the same it is change by your project. Even Google Adsense cannot predict how much money you can earn Per Click on ads because the CPC of Google Adsense depends on many factors. Depending on your blog's quality,Niche or Topic, the CPC of your blog may be more or less. Health, Finance and Legal etc. are the areas with high CPC of your blog whereas Jokes, Movies and Facts etc. are  with low CPC. Technology,Computers or technical knowledgeModerate are areas with CPC.

The origin of your blog's traffic is also the reason for the CPC being low or high. If most of your blog's content comes from a developed country like Traffic USA, then its CPC will be higher but if your traffic comes from countries like India or Nepal then your blog's CPC can be less. This is because that developed countries have more purchasing power than developing countries. There are some factors that affect  CPC of your blog such as location of ads, Ad Blending, and type of ads (Text, Image, Videos) etc. They can also be optimized by some methods.

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