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How To Increase Your Memory Power Very Fast

How To Increase Memory Power

You must have noticed that some people easily remember important information and they are able to understand new things quickly. You also would like that you too can do this?

Man's memory power depends on brain health. The brain sends signals in a particular pattern to nerves associated with an event (which we are experiencing) and makes connections between our neurons, called synapses. There are many ways to increase your memory and strengthen these synapses.

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Tips To Improve Brain Power and Concentration:-

Basic Techniques To Improve Memory - Ways to increase memory
Write (down): Writing produces oxygenated blood flow to the areas of your brain that increase your memory. If you are a student, you can make notes while writing or write a blog - all these activities increase your ability to remember you.

Visual Concept: -

The best way to increase memory and remember things is to visualize in your brain what you are reading or listening to. Pay attention to the photographs, charts and other graphics that appear in your book. If you are not studying a book, try to create a mental image of what you are trying to remember. The more clear this mental image is, the more you will remember.
Teach someone else (Teach someone else): Reading out loud is considered useful to improve memory. Next to this idea is the fact that psychologists and teachers have found that when we teach something or a concept to someone else, we are able to remember it very easily.
Pay attention to your surroundings (Pay attention to your surroundings): It is associated with being alert. Practice making a mental photograph of the surroundings and your surroundings. Pay attention to everything - fragrance, people, weather etc.

Avoid multitasking:-

 Studies have shown that our brain cannot efficiently switch between tasks, which means that when you do multiple tasks at once, you are actually doing nothing. Would have been Research has also shown that while multitasking we learn less and waste our time more.
Develop creativity and learn new things (Develop creativity and learn new things): Learn a new language, play instruments, do painting, increase your vocabulary - by learning new things and doing creative work, the brain remains active.

Repeat things: -

If you want to establish a memory in your mind, repeat it again and again. Like when you meet a new person, repeat their name when you join hands ("Hi Mohan"), say their name again when you are ending the conversation ("It was nice meeting you, Mohan"). If you find it strange, you can say it in your mind.
Create connections: You can improve your memory by making connections to what you see in your routine. As an example - remembering a particular sign of the road you go through, such as a big shop or showroom or hospital, makes it easier to remember the road. To remember a telephone number, you can remember it by connecting it to your birth date or the year of marriage.
Test yourself daily (Test yourself daily): Throughout the day, take a little test of yourself - for example, when you leave a shop, ask yourself what you saw in the shop, the locations of the different classes. , About the shopkeeper; His / her hair, eyes and shirt color etc. Test yourself, this will improve your memory power.

Improve Memory By Eliminating Stress - To get rid of Stress

Meditate Everyday:

 Meditating for at least 15 to 30 minutes per day changes your brain and relieves tension. Morning is the best time to meditate. Meditation mixes itself with you, which causes amazing changes in your life.
20 minutes of meditation can change your life


Yoga also changes your brain. Research suggests that in addition to reducing stress, anxiety and depression, yoga protects the brain from shrinking with age. Interestingly, yoga mainly prevents the left hemisphere of the brain from shrinking, which is associated with positive emotions like euphoria and happiness.
Exercise regularly: Exercise does not just exercise the body, it helps in exercising your brain as well. Diseases such as obesity and overweight can eventually cause serious brain damage. Also, by not exercising regularly, plaques in the arteries begin to freeze and your blood vessels lose the ability to pump blood effectively. Due to the formation of plaque, the amount of oxygen and nutrients that the blood reaches your brain reduces. One can also exercise through some interesting activities like swimming or joining a sports club.

Get Enough Sleep:-

Every person must get enough sleep for 7-8 hours. During sleep, the brain stabilizes recently received information and memories By getting enough sleep, you cross the entire spectrum night cycle, which is necessary for optimal brain during waking. A small nap taken during fatigue during the day recharges your brain.
Get organized: Select a specific place for everything and then keeping them there constantly will help reduce stress in life. Doing everyday tasks in an organized way makes your mind independent which helps to focus on the important things.
Socialize: Spend time with people you feel good about spending time with. Socialization reduces anxiety and increases confidence, which relieves stress. Reducing the use of technology (ie sitting time in front of your computer, phone, or tablet) also improves your brain health and allows you to think more deeply.

Laugh out loud:

 Research suggests that laughter can improves short-term memory. Laughing increases the secretion of a particular type of hormone (endorphin), which increases your reasoning capacity and reduces stress.
Listen to music: Research shows that some forms of music have been very helpful in improving memory. Information that is learned when listening to a particular song or collection can often be remembered by thinking about the same song or by singing it in the mind. Songs and music can play an important role in bringing back special memories.

Take healthy food to Improve Your Memory - Improve Your Diet

Consume Antioxidants:-

 Studies have shown that antioxidants specifically protect the brain of blueberries and may reduce the effects of age-related diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Pomegranates (pomegranate juice without sugar) are also a good source of antioxidants. Tea also contains antioxidants. The small amount of caffeine consumed by tea can help increase memory. Dark chocolate contains many natural stimulants, including antioxidants and caffeine, which are useful for boosting concentration and memory.
Eat healthy fats, nuts and wholegrain: Nuts and seeds are good sources of vitamin E, which can help reduce cognitive decline associated with age. Whole grains in food promote heart health, which carries blood throughout the body, including the brain. Other foods that should add to your diet include fruits, green vegetables and lean protein.
Drink enough water: The brain is made up of about 80% water. Not drinking water (dehydrated) for a long time or not drinking enough water does not make the brain function properly.

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