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How To Be Teleport|Mystery Of Teleportation|Is Teleportation Possible


When you reach at you destination without traveling is known as Teleportation. Whenever you heard a word Teleportation first thought came in your mind is it possible.The answer is yes

Lets explore Teleportation....

Suppose that you wanna go to your relatives home from your`s home and the distance between your home and your relatives home is of 20km then there are two ways of travel first one is travel by vehicle or walk and second one is travel by teleportation by this you can go without travel but this is not practically possible in physical life.Like if i teleport you earth to mars according to teleportation science if i dematerlize your bodie`s atoms only then i can teleport you.

 Two particles are interlinking each other if we change property of any particles then it will affect other particles which are million of km far.That means we can go anywhere without travel in the science there are many experiments conducted where
Teleportation is proved in real.In many labs at the less distance photons.Photons are particles from which light is made.I many labs at the distance of 7 km,8 km,15 km photons are teleported without any actual travel
In 2012 researchers of australia  make a record when they teleported these particles at the distance of 143 km.Suppose if i teleport
you then first i should converts your body into crores of particles and the information of your body and the information of your body transfer to the place where i teleport you-by the entanglement then your body will forms on where yoou reach.

But according to modern science this is impossible in todays`s technology because in human`s there is 60 zb data and it is made up of millions gigabyte if we try to teleport a human`s body then the process will takes 4.5into10 ki power 18 years means 350 times of universe`s age.


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