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Healthy Diet Plan For Weight Loss/Gain or Glowing Skin


(Even the healthiest of food when eaten at the wrong time can lead to the  accumulation of toxin by which body can suffer from diseases)

(You should eat between this time of duration because digestion is largely depends on sun.Any of food eaten which is after sunset not digest properly in body.  The  undigestive food can leads   accumulation of toxins in body. After sunset you can have only milk because the specific enzymes to digest the milk are secrated by our body only)

(In this busy life, lack of proper food and drink is bound to cause weakness and tiredness. Everyone wants to make a diet plan according to their daily routine, but it is not possible because of not getting the right guide. So now you are free from this tension because we are telling you that you can keep yourself fit by following such a diet plan)

Keep a this diet in morning - 

Avoid eating heavy foods early in the morning. However, many people eat heavy and fried food of street from the morning which is not right. In the morning, after  work, take a glass of milk in which there is no cream. Apart from this, 3-4 almonds can also be eaten with milk. Try not to eat citrus fruits on an empty stomach in the morning. Otherwise, you may feel sour all day. So try to drink 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach.

At 9Am-

This is the time of breakfast when most people start their work at this time. You can have sprouted grains or a plate mix or vegetable upma for breakfast. Green tea or a glass of juice with it will also be beneficial.


 Lunch time is 12 noon. You can eat food at this time. The plate can contain two bran breads, one bowl of peeled dal, one half bowl of rice, one bowl of green vegetable, one bowl of yogurt, one plate of salad. In addition, they contain plenty of nutrition which keeps the body healthy. After 10 to15 minutes of eating, you can drink plenty of water.

Eat something light between 3-4 pm - 

After three hours of lunch you should have a light breakfast. One plate bhel or two biscuits with tea, any one seasonal fruit (save, orange, raw jam, pomegranate, pear etc.). Taking cucumber, cucumber, watermelon in summer will be more beneficial. These things will prove helpful in keeping the body hydrated. You can also take a glass of juice in summer.

Some Important Tips-

1. You can have  food like in lunch at the time of dinner. Do not add  rice to dinner. Dal, two chapattis, light rice, a cup of yogurt and a plate salad will be fine. Dinner will be more beneficial for about three hours before bedtime. This causes the food to digest well and does not cause constipation and acidity.

2. Just before bedtime - About half an hour after having dinner, take half a glass of fruit or milk, juice can also be taken.

3. It has become a matter of making a diet chart, but it is also important to follow it. Follow the diet chart regularly. Drink as much water as possible. Also, never forget to take a morning walk and a little exercise.

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