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How to gain weight very fast

How to gain weight very fast

In the busy life, obese people are always looking for money to be thin and people who are not obese constantly try to be obese. But do you know it is also beneficial to be fat provided you are fit. Some people try shortcuts to be obese, which is harmful to health. Follow the balanced diet table to increase weight, include vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, carbohydrates etc. in your diet chart. Also include exercise and yoga in your daily routine. Apart from this, do not consume junk food, fast food and oily foods and do not use medicines, it can have side effects. Let us tell you easy tips to gain weight.

Ways to get fat

You can also increase your weight by taking a healthy diet. Consuming dairy products will help you gain weight. Include milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, etc. in the food. These will help you to gain weight easily and fast.
Include high calorie protein and calcium in your diet chart, this will increase the amount of calories in your body which is very important for weight gain.
Eating more meat increases obesity. You can eat eggs, fish, crabs, meat, etc. Meat and fish contain fat which is very important for weight gain.
Dry fruits, almonds, raisins, etc., are rich in calories. It is also good to eat almonds and other dry fruits and make them crunchy as a snack. It will also keep you fit and will also help in increasing obesity.
If you want to increase your weight then you have to increase the quantity of your food. Eat at least 5 to 6 times a day at regular intervals.
Fatty food also increases weight, you should eat such food which is nutritious as well as fatty.
Eating almond milk or butter, ghee, etc. at breakfast will keep you healthy and also increase your weight.
Have dinner two hours before bedtime, this will digest the food well and you will also be fit.
Exercise for at least 50 to 60 minutes every day, for this you can join a fitness center.
To increase weight, it is not necessary that you do not exercise or give up exercising, yoga etc. Rather you can increase your weight by taking nutritious diet but for that it is necessary to make a diet chart.

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