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How To Viral Tik Tok Video|How To Increase Followers,Viewers and like On Tik Tok|Latest Tik Tok Trick 2020

Everyone want's fame and Tik Tok is nice platform to do it.
Today we will share some tricks with you.
             (Read Every Tips And Tricks Carefully)


Trick no.1-(How TO Viral Video On Tik Tok) Every creator want's that his/her video gets viral but everything is possible in this world.(FOLLOW THE STEPS):-

Step no.1- Open tik tok go in search bar,search for any popular creator.

Step no.2- Search for his oldest video.

Step no.3- Open it,Click on share button and click on share.

Step no.4- Click on duet  then click next and Click next.
And type (Riyaz looked like this in past) now you will get much watchtime.(BUT DO NOT MAKE MUCH DUET VIDEOS)

  Trick no.2- (How To Increase Likes On Tik Tok)
Follow the steps:-

Step no.1- Open play store,Go in search bar and type tik tok likes,Install and open the app.

Step no.2- Enter your username and password,Login.

Step no.3- Click on:Increase likes and set target.

Trick no.3-(How To Increse Views On Tik Tok
Follow the steps:-

Step no.1- Click on the link👉(,Do human verification.

Step no.2- Click on views under a option on tik tok,Enter a username in which you want's to send a views.

Step no.3- Wait for 30 second,You will see views sent👍.



Tip no.1- Do not make to much duet videos beacause tik tok company said that if you make to much duet video than you don't get a tag of popular creator because you are using someone's video without his/her permission.

Like Judea brother's dont get a tag of popular creator even they have more than 2M followers because they made to much duet videos.

Tip no.2- Make funny videos because funny videos trend on tik tok more than others.

Tip no.3- You should edit your video good as much as you can beacause they looks more creative.

Tip no.4- You should make creative and attractive content.

Tip no.5- You should make attractive title because a viewer vist your's video by seeing title. And your title should have ability to exprees you hole video in some words.

Tip no.6- You should give attractive thumbnail because viewer visit to your's video by seeing title and thumbnail.


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